Jerermy likes to refer to Maggie as my rescue cow. I found Maggie through an ad on Facebook. She used to live with the Amish before she moved to Oklahoma to be a nurse cow for some rough stock calves.  

It has taken Maggie a little while to fit in here at the farm. When we got Maggie she really wasn’t too sure about people and at some point in her life she had been hit quite a bit. She definitely likes me better than she likes Tyler and Jerermy. I’m not really sure what happened to her but whatever it was she learned how to cringe. 

The cringing thing was kind of a problem for me because I love to pet my cows and every time I would raise my hand to pet Maggie she would cringe away.  

Now that she has been here almost a year Maggie has learned that we have a great rule you don’t kick me I don’t kick you!

Maggie is a bit of a troublemaker! I can see why she might’ve got herself into trouble. She is an excellent gate opener and in fact in the first two weeks here on the farm she let herself out twice!

The first month she was here she caught her ear on something where she had had an old tag hole and ripped her ear completely open. I was so upset but it doesn’t seem to bother her a bit. We put a tag in the hole in the other ear so that she wouldn’t catch it on anything. She really doesn’t like the tag and she’s quick to flap her ear with the tag in it at me when I’m doing something she doesn’t like. Her flapping her ear and making the tag pop back-and-forth is her way of telling me no or that she’s unhappy with something that I’m doing. 

She has quite the personality Maggie may be little but she definitely is fierce! She won’t back down for anybody or anything. She respects the fact that Clara Belle is the boss cow but she doesn’t let Clara Belle push her around.  

When Maggie moved to the farm Daisy and Clara Belle were close friends and Maggie was kind of the third wheel. After Daisy passed away she and Clara Belle got close but now her best friend on the farm is Sadie.  

Cows are a lot like people they definitely have cows they like and cows they don’t. Maggie and Gwen don’t really hang out together because Maggie likes to sleep in in the morning‘s. Gwen is always the first one at the gate to milk. 

I can always find Maggie and Sadie curled up in the barn in the hay snoozing away together! Maggie is quick on giving me that ear flap when I tell her it’s time to get up to go to work.