Clara Belle

Clara Belle has lived here the longest of all my cows. She was the second Jersey cow I ever had. She originally lived down south with a family, but winter was coming and they really didn’t want to milk her but wanted her to go to a good home. So like a crazy person I said I would take her! I didn’t get to name my first cow she came named but I did get to name Clara Belle and I wanted something old. I have since come to regret the length of her name because when I yell out in the pasture for her I sound like a redneck! She is my only cow that’s not all Jersey; she is Jersey and Ayrshire.  

Clara Belle’s personality is a bit trying. In fact after about a week I called her former owner and said no way come get her! Thankfully she realized I had hit my limit with her and I finally caught on to a few of her personality quirks and we’ve been ok ever since. I refer to her as My Beauty and the Beast....when she’s nice she’s Belle the pretty lady who is sweet and lovely...but when she is hungry....we’ll not just hungry more like HAngry she is a lot more like the beast! Because of the Ayrshire in her breeding she is my biggest cow and is by far the ‘Boss’ cow of the pasture. When she wants what her sisters have she moves them! She will feel bad later and hang her head in shame but in the moment she does not care! 

Clara Belle does not wait her turn, likes to be first in to milk, hogs all the food and sometimes is a giant brat!  

However, I'm super glad we have Clara Belle she makes the whitest milk and cream to the point it’s almost neon! She is one of my top producers for milk and cream. When Clara Belle is not HAngry she LOVES to be petted, brushed and just in general loved on.  

For all of her quirks I love having her around!