Meet Sadie!

Sadie is the youngest cow here on the farm that is in production. Sadie is your typical teenager, she has lot's of attitude does not like mornings and get's pouty when things don't go her way!  

She really wants to be the boss but Clara Belle won't allow it.  

She HATES getting up in the mornings so she's never get's milked first because Gwen is my morning cow. 

If she does not get her way she loves to pout in the corner...literally! 

She has lived here since last summer and just this morning she got lost coming in to milk. She literally went the wrong way. Her sense of direction is not the best!

Being a former show cow she has lot's of diva attitude, but being a Jersey she is still a sweetie when she's not trying to play. She is young enough that chasing you and bucking, running in front of you ect are still considered fun by her. 

Sadie is a quiet cow and does not moo much at all, mostly she's just a giant goof ball. She does however love for everyone to cheer her on. When it's her time to milk the more you clap for her the faster she runs to the milking area...she just might take a wrong turn first!