Hi I'm Jennifer the owner of Brown Cow Soap


I'm Jennifer and this is just a small part of my crazy world! I'm the founder, creator and head milk maid at Brown Cow Soap.

Somehow this town girl convinced her lifelong farmer/rancher that she needed her very own milk cow! To say I don't look like the average dairy farmHer would be an understatement! You can usually find me sporting bright red lipstick and my trademark winged eye liner.

I'm a little to loud and a little to flamboyant but my girls love me and I love them!

I'm so glad you swung by my little piece of the internet and I hope you have enjoyed learning more about me and my brown cows.

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If you have any questions about any of the products or the cows, drop me a line! I love to hear from folks.


Jennifer & The Brown Cows