Meet Gwen!  

We all know I have 4 Jersey cows, and we know they make amazing milk cream and butter. However, most people didn't realize you could make soap from that milk. These brown Jersey dairy cows are the reason Brown Cow Soap came about! So I thought it might be fun to learn a little more about each of them.  

Lots of people have cows, but dairy cows are pretty unique in the fact that whomever is taking care of them sees them every 12 hours for milking. Unlike beef cattle you really get to know their personalities because you get so Up lose and personal with them. Since Gwen was posing SO pretty this morning I'll start with her!

Gwen came from our neighbors and was given a feminine name similar to her old owners. She is a pure Jersey and is my oldest And smallest cow. Gwen has quite the personality she is my early morning gal and is always the first up in the mornings to be milked. She will stand at the gate and waggle her head back and forth trying to look over the gate to see if I'm ready. She is also one of my most timid and easy going cows, she never argues with the other three about anything and is really great about waiting for her turn.  

I'm super glad we have Gwen she makes a lot of milk and even more cream! She and Clara Belle compete at each milking to see who brings the most milk to work. Only one time have they ever given the same amount...right down to the ounce!