Fannie is my newest cow here on the farm.  

Fannie is a 3 year old Jersey cow who moved to the farm in April of 2018.  Fannie arrived just about 10 days before the Oklahoma Wildfire outbreak.  Here at the farm we were involved in the Shaw fire, but thankfully the 1/2 mile around the house where the brown cows live was spared.  

Fannie is by far my most vocal cow!  She talks to me a lot!  If I'm not moving fast enough...moo...not feeding hay...moooooo.   She has quickly fit in with her her sisters and seems to be enjoying her move to Western Oklahoma.

This little gal has lived here now almost 6 months and is just a lovely cow to interact with daily.  She loves getting her ears scratched and to just hand out with you.  She is still pretty vocal but has quieted down some.  She will be going on maternity leave soon! 

I can't wait to see how her personality develops while she is here!