Do you know small businesses....

Do you know that 70% of small/local businesses are owned and operated by one person?  At a small/local business, chances are you’ll be waited on by the owner, a member of their family, or someone who reports directly to the owner. This proximity to the boss makes for better customer service – something that can be hard to find at larger stores.

Do you know that Oklahoma has a small business percentage of 33.2%?  Small/local businesses support your community!  When you support a local business, you’re also supporting your town, city, and county.  Business pay sales taxes to the city and county the business is located in.  Research shows that over 90 percent of small-business owners contribute each year to their communities through volunteering, in-kind contributions, and/or direct cash donations. That means your purchase of a good or service at a small business is a great way to “pay it forward.”

Do you know that 48% of each purchase at local independent businesses is recirculated locally, compared to less than 14% of purchases at chain stores.

Do you know how to support a small business; other than shopping?  Give a small local businesses help by getting vocal on social!  Post pictures, tweets, and status updates of the small/local business you support, or of yourself shopping at one, or of the products you love and be sure to give them that shout out on social media.  Also write positive reviews for the small businesses you love and support.

Small/local businesses appreciate every purchase, every order, every shout out more than you possibly know! 

Thank you to everyone who shops local and shops small!  

Xoxo Jennifer & The Brown Cows