Brown Cow Soap vs Other Handmade Soaps

At some point and time most people have purchased or been given handmade soap.  

Most of the time it’s not even used it’s simply set aside for decorative purposes where it gathers dust until one day it’s either thrown out or finally used to wash their hands with.  Once they use the soap the response is less than favorable, it does not lather well, it does not clean well, it leaves a film, it’s drying...the list of why someone does not continue to use that soap is endless.  

So let’s talk about those issues... 

Does it lather?  Does it make bubbles?  Yes!  When I worked on the recipes for my soap bars I just like you had used handmade soap that was just ‘ok’. I was not happy with ok..I wanted the best...I wanted bubbles!  I wanted to know that the soap was doing it’s job and grabbing ahold of all the little germs on my hands, body and face and trapping them so they were off me and headed down the drain. 

Does it clean?  My husband farms and ranches for a living, the kids play outside, we have show cattle not to mention the dairy cattle.  We get dirty...not a little dirty but branding iron smoke, working cattle in the middle of the summer in a drought kind of dirty.  I needed to make sure this soap got us clean.  No one wants to be smelly or to still be dirty after getting out of the shower.

Does it leave a film?  Many times handmade soaps are full of additives to make them pretty; body safe glitters, fragrances that smell more like a car air fresheners, crazy little embeds on the top all do one thing...add a bunch of unneeded chemicals that end up coating your skin.  No Thanks!!   That’s why I focus on natural colorants, phthalate free fragrances and skip all that fake stuff on top!

Is it drying?  Handmade soaps fall generally into two categories they are either made with water or they are made with milk.  I have not found water based soaps to be moisturizing.  Milk soaps are a bit better...but only if they are using real milk and most don’t...they use powdered milk.  If you have ever drank powdered milk you know there is NO comparison between milk and powdered milk...and if you have ever had fresh know it’s a world of difference.  It is so creamy an delicious..but I digress.

How does fresh Jersey milk make the soap so moisturizing?!  Jersey milk has some of the highest butterfat of any mammal.  So when I designed the soap recipes I simply used what God had created...fresh milk...and then used lots of it!  I do not like my skin to feel like it’s dry and stretched tight, so I made sure every bar would have over 25% fresh milk and cream!  That fresh milk and cream the brown cows make every day is what makes Brown Cow Soap superior to any other handmade soap you have ever used!

Every bar is made by me, here on the farm.  It is not made in a factory, in another country, or by some unknown person using who knows what ingredients.  The cows live here, we know exactly what they eat, where they live and how they are taken care of.  Every bar of soap the cows and I make is hand wrapped after being tested and stamped.  There is no big company, its my family and friends who help make every new recipe perfect just for you.

So if you’ve used handmade soap before and been less than impressed, I hope you will give the Brown Cows and I a chance and try the BEST milk soap available; fresh from the farm to you!