Brown Cow Beard Balm

Brown Cow Beard Balm


What is Beard Balm??


Well if you are married to a man with facial hair you know you are also married to the beard!


This beard balm is full of skin and hair nourishing oils.  It is a conditioning balm AND a sculpting balm.  It has a little hold plus moisture for the skin under the facial hair and for the hair itself.  the oil combination help with the softness of the facial hair, it helps tame the fly away whiskers or those pesky stray whiskers you man is always dealing with!  

There is...

  • NO Alcohol
  • NO Silicone
  • NO Water
  • NO Preservatives the balm, so the skin under the beard or mustache will not dry out!  While growing in facial hair it helps alleviate that grow in itchiness that may occur.  

Balm comes in original scent and unscented, it is in a 4oz square metal tin, it's contents are 3oz minimum by weight for $10.00

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Original Scent:  A subtle slightly floral with bergamot, vanilla, bourbon topped with a hit of whiskey, cigars and ending with a base of cedar wood & musk. 


Unscented:  Completely scentless


Kentucky:  This is a smoky spiced dark and sophisticated bourbon oil. It has hints of Brazilian orange and bergamot along with spicy clove and midnight orchid. It rounds out with scents of leather, oak cask and patchouli.

Fiercely Man: Just like the best selling soap this beard balm is just like a really nice men’s cologne.

Cedarwood Atlas Essential Oil: For the man who wants a fragrance without a commercial version this essential oil beard balm is sure to be his favorite. It is a wonderfully sweet, earthy aroma of the cedar wood trees. It’s a wonderful deep woodsy aroma.

Outdoorsman:  A complex mix of wild cypress, lime, sea air, leather, ocean and frankincense.  All the good smells when you are in the mountains plus a hint of good smelling man.