• Cristina: I just got a box of soaps and creams from my sister for Christmas, and my mailbox smelled heavenly as soon as I opened it up. Oh wow, the "Christmas on the Farm" soap and Peppermint cream are divine, and leave my skin smelling so lovely. I'm so excited to have discovered a small Oklahoma business to support!

  • James: This place is awesome! So is the Farmers Coop in Sayre. Jennifer is a super nice lady. I picked up some soap for my wife and she told me she wasn't going to use it because she liked the little cow that made up the soap. She liked the little bell around its neck. I will get her some more.

  • Pamela: I bought some of this soap at the Shop Small in Wheeler recently and I love it. Highly recommend it!

  • Terri: Please support this amazing business. I got my soaps and body butter today. Oh my postal lady wanted to keep my bag!!!

  • Debra: I tried a sample given to me by a friend. This soap is amazing. Can't wait to place my order.

  • JoJo: Got some as a gift and it was amazing for my skin!!!

  • Britany: My mom just brought me this soap and OH MY GOSH!!!! I love this stuff SO MUCH!! My whole bathroom smells heavenly and I just love it! Great product!!

  • Shoua: I have really bad Eczema, the whipped body cream (vanilla) cures it over night!! I will definitely buy it again!!!

  • Amber: We discovered your products in Elk City yesterday! Peppermint is my favorite scent and I've never been able to find a lotion that smells like real peppermint! So happy!! Cannot wait to try your soap!!

  • Shannon: I haven’t used conventional soap in years. I’m always shopping around for less chemicals in body soaps and lotions. These products are the best. My skin feels so good!

  • Kenzie: So many amazing smells, and I love that they’re made with natural products. Just bought a bunch of soaps to gift for the holidays

  • Karen: The customer service and professionalism is top notch!

  • Jonni: The soap is the best bar soap that I have ever used!

  • Stephanie: LOVE the soaps!!! Smell wonderful! I have zero skin reactions and my skin is sooo soft after!

  • Melissa M: Before I started using this soap, I had breakouts on my shoulders, upper back, and underarms, and dry spots on my upper arms. I've been using this almost exclusively since April and I'd say it has cleared up by about 95%! I only occasionally have blemishes now. I recently went on a business trip for 3 nights and used the various hotel soaps, and my skin let me know it was unhappy. It took probably 3-4 days back with the Brown Cow Soap for it to be happy again. Love this soap!

  • Sandra S.: I can even begin to say how much I LOVE LOVE this amazing soap and body butter!!!!!! Unscented for my face and Cocoa Cashmere for body!!!! Brown Cow Soap is the bomb and so natural and made local with real Jersey cow milk!!!

  • Lexee M: The sugar scrub is the best I have ever used. It leaves your skin so soft and silky smooth!

  • Beth Y.: I use the milk and honey soap on my 2 year old little guy and we don't even have to use lotion! He smells so good and has soft skin! Thank you for the milk Brown Cows! 5 Stars!!!!!

  • Kayla T.: A couple weeks ago I ordered some soap and body butter from Brown Cow Soap... I knew it was going to be lovely but it's so lovely we're addicted! I couldn't post about it sooner because some of it was gifts. The charcoal and cream soap is magical as well as the lavender body butter and will be a staple in our house now.

    If you're local, support your awesome hard working locals like Brown Cow Soap! Made in Oklahoma, in small batches, by the awesome farmer, with every glorious attention to detail!

    They're perfect for gifts!

    PS: details and customer service are super important to me and Jennifer added in some great information about what's NOT in their products (no junk!) And she included the most deliciously scented sample of soap, West Virginia.

  • Jackie B: Your soaps have reached ALASKA & I absolutely LOVE THEM!!!! Vanilla & sandalwood is my FAVORITE!!!! 
    Thank you so much for starting this business. I will be contacting you for more

  • Jennifer A.: Smells so yummy and makes skin super soft!

  • Terri P.: Having gotten eczema late in life, again, this has helped me so much to not dry out my skin. Then to use the body butter after my shower has improved my skin tremendously. Jennifer is so helpful.

  • Rosie G: In love! I found these brilliant soaps in Oklahoma and brought them back home to Michigan. Now I'm wondering how long my 6 bars will last... 😄 The soap doesn't dry out my skin and the scent is wonderful. It was hard for me to give one away as a gift.

  • Tiffany A.: I bought the body butter at the Canadian Foliage Festival and I love it! Even more, the free bar of 24K soap you included! Love it and will be buying your products as Christmas gifts for my family!

  • Misty B: Chris & I love Brown Cow Soap. Shopping local is very important & so easy when the products are so much superior that what you would get elsewhere.

  • Jaime F.: I just wanted to let you know that I love the soap that I got from you in Clinton at that show!

  • Karen A.: Always a pleasure showering with the cows!!! 
    "Great feeling and great scent"

  • Kym C.: Glenn and I love the soaps. I love how the bathroom smells after I shower and love how it makes my skin feel.