Mustache & Beard Wax

Mustache & Beard Wax


Style condition and control that unruly facial hair; or add some flair and shape it.

Brown Cow Beard & Mustache Wax is a firm but spreadable texture. It will provide medium control for facial hair and keep facial hair and the skin underneath moisturized and protected from the elements. Wax is packed in a low profile square tin with 1.25 oz. of product per tin for ease of carrying in your pocket.

Kentucky is a smoky spiced bourbon with hints of leather and patchouli.  

Best if used when slightly warm, 10 minutes in your pocket should do the trick. If this is not possible, scrape out with the end of a mustache comb or your fingernail and work between finger tips until wax reaches desired consistency. Work into 'stache with your pointer fingers and thumbs. Comb through or twist ends. Add a bit more wax to the ends for a super sharp look. We classify this wax as a medium hold.

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